A Perfect Start to Autumn

Publication Date: July, 2021

Location: PoetCrit, out of New Delhi and available here.

Genesis: I wrote this almost exactly three years ago, inspired by events taking place in the beautiful place where I live. It seems it’s taken a long time to see the light of day, yet it also seems perfect to be arriving on this site in September (because the site has been misbehaving for the last month or so), right around the time that the same events are playing out again.

The late September morning
When I stepped out and realised
That the last of the swallows
Had left for the winter,
I went back to bed and wept.
Wept for the loss of friends,
For the end of a glorious summer,
For skies no longer cleaved
Into graceful arcs,
For the reminder of passing time
With nothing to show.

Early the following morning 
I leapt out of bed
At the cries of geese
And saw fifty or more
Flying low over my cottage
In a perfect V formation,
In a perfect start to any day.
In a perfect start to autumn.

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